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welcome to floods! this forum should be your first stop on checking out floods and before you decide to join. in here, you will find the mandatory reads for our site, including the rules, the plot, the member groups/species, and the credits for floods. we ask that you read them thoroughly so that the process in joining floods is hassle free!
7 12 Aug 19 2016, 03:52 PM
In: 🌔floods stats
By: emily
this board contains any and all site announcements and updates from the staff team, including our monthly activity checks. for that reason, we implore you to keep a close eye on this board to make sure you are kept up to date with what is happening around floods. our past announcements are also found here.
Subforums: old announcements

3 17 Sep 12 2016, 05:55 PM
In: 🌔site update #009
By: emily
member queries
have a question or a concern regarding something on floods? this forum is available to serve just that purpose. you may also suggest things that you feel could improve the floods experience and make it the best it can be. a faq is also found here, enabling members (and guests!) to ask questions about the site and/or the lore, as well as see any questions that others have inquired about.
Subforums: answered

14 49 Aug 20 2016, 09:06 PM
In: 🌔suggestion
By: alistair macleod
the moderation forum is available for anything that needs moderating on floods. this includes various threads, applications, wanted ads, and much more that need to be archived or moved for any reason. this forum also includes our mandatory pre-made site templates.
3 8 Mar 24 2016, 09:21 PM
In: 🌔templates
By: ben

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after reading all the required information about floods, this board should be one of your next stops. this is where you can begin to make your character and the area to post your application. you can find the application code inside this forum, and we ask that you also post in the correct sub form here. please remember to fill out your mini profile completely before you bump your application for an admin to look at!
Subforums: incomplete, complete, pending

12 5 19 minutes ago
In: 🌔zawadzki, léon M.
By: léon zawadzki
this forum contains all of the important claims on floods, and you should make this board a priority after being accepted. included here is the member directory, species registry, and occupation claim. this forum is guest friendly in terms of reserving a face claim!
4 66 Sep 18 2016, 08:16 PM
In: 🌔directory
By: julián calazans
want ads
wanted ads are often extremely important to the development and plotting of characters. as such, this forum is provided for you to use, whether you're looking for family, a lover, or a mixed group. we also have an interest check forum located here. please make sure you post in the correct sub form. this forum is guest friendly.
Subforums: friends, family, lovers, mixed, interest check

42 175 Yesterday at 04:48 pm
In: 🌔the way is long
By: alistair macleod

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once a character has been deemed accepted, their application will be sorted into the correct subforum in this forum. we ask that you do not post your shipper here; it will be denied and archived.
Subforums: crusaders, benefactors, radicals, justices, neutrals, spirits, dominators, malefactors, destroyers, group plotting

119 672 Yesterday at 10:42 am
In: 🌔d'amico, esmeralda l.
By: raphael d'amico
this board is available to those who like to keep things organized and have a track on their characters and threads. posting here is by no means required, and we stress that you only have one thread per member.
17 50 Yesterday at 10:08 pm
In: 🌔anya's tracker
By: tavish mackenna
floods is a character-driven site, and as such, we give our members the ability to have development threads for their characters. sometimes you need to flesh out your characters, and here you will be able to do moodboards, playlists, wardrobes, and much more for your characters. you can request a sub form in the thread located here, and we have some pre-made codes available for use.
Subforums: member development, ships

81 283 Today at 02:29 pm
In: 🌔am i free now, am i at peace?
By: vera rose

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mobile phones
character tech threads can be found here, whether calling or texting another character.
Subforums: texting, calling

25 289 Yesterday at 10:26 pm
In: 🌔Wolves running wild
By: Esther Smith
instant messenger
instant messangers are a quick and easy way to get ahold of someone, aside from cell phones. with skype, aim, facebook, and countless others, the options available are endless.
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In: ----
social networks
social networking is an increasingly popular trade nowadays, from instagram to twitter to tumblr. this forum enables your character to have whichever social network they desire.
Subforums: instagram, twitter, snapchat

10 13 Sep 5 2016, 07:06 PM
In: 🌔@rosiealdaine
By: rosalie aldaine

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bars and pubs
davenport happens to be home to a number of unique bars, pubs, and taverns. each individual business has its own stamp among the community, drawing all sorts of different patrons to them.
Subforums: port tavern

17 54 Yesterday at 10:14 am
In: 🌔into the wolves den
By: matthew savoie
education is important among all walks of life, and davenport has no shortage of options when it comes to education. the city of davenport hosts two elementary schools, a large high school, and a humble city college.
Subforums: davenport high school, davenport college

2 6 Aug 4 2016, 06:57 PM
In: 🌔Bibliophile
By: elizabeth larrabee
recreational areas in davenport are not hard to come by, but perhaps the most popular recreational area is davenport park, hosting several beautiful walking and biking trails, a covered bridge, and a large pond with a water feature and full of several species of fish.
Subforums: davenport park

6 24 Yesterday at 11:02 pm
In: 🌔before the rumble comes
By: finley st. james
night life
like most major cities, davenport has several options for dancing, or drinking, the night away. some night clubs are more popular than others, while some are invitation only and exclusive to certain members of society.
9 28 Today at 09:17 am
In: 🌔bleed it out
By: raphael d'amico
davenport does not lack when it comes to dining options in the city. from fast food to fancy sit down resturaunts to cute little bakerys to satisfy even the sweetest tooth, sometimes there are just too many options to choose from.
11 29 Sep 20 2016, 02:05 AM
In: 🌔Preach It
By: jonah wright
perhaps not as extensive in options as new york city, davenport boosts a variety of shopping to its residents. from the hardware and grocery stores to the clothing and shoe stores, davenport has just about everything to suit your shopping needs.
8 22 Today at 11:18 am
In: 🌔(not so) manic monday
By: rosalie aldaine
emergency services
you never know when emergency services are needed, and the various public safety employees are always willing to help one in need. from the police officers and firefighters to the nurses, doctors, and emts, you'll always find a helping hand.
Subforums: police department, davenport hospital, fire department

8 17 Sep 12 2016, 01:35 PM
In: 🌔don't need dollar bills...
By: angela crowley
everyone needs somewhere to live, whether it happens to be an apartment, a townhouse, a victorian style home, or even a mansion. davenport offers a variety of different housing options throughout the city to its residents.
26 64 57 minutes ago
In: 🌔dirty little secret [m]
By: alistair macleod
outer davenport
the city life of davenport promptly ends at the outskirts, where just about anything can happen. from the woods to the several abandoned buildings, it is probably not a wise choice to wander around at night.
11 28 Today at 01:43 am
In: 🌔let it happen
By: artemis darcy

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new york city
located six hours from davenport, the hustle and bustle of new york city awaits. nyc is home to the empire state building, times square, statue of liberty, and many other iconic sites. new york city is a fast-paced city with a lot to offer, just make sure you don't get lost.
5 19 Sep 11 2016, 01:00 PM
In: 🌔fool me once
By: malachi stalwart
laguardia airport
traveling to anywhere outside of new york state is easily attainable by the laguardia airport. from catching a plane back home to picking up a loved one from the airport, laguardia airport is a popular destination for traveling.
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In: ----
new york
the state of new york is home to the famous new york city, one of the united states' most populous cities. the state has many different cities and locations, offering a large variety of options for sight seeing and anything else that you desire.
1 0 Jul 27 2016, 09:43 AM
In: 🌔i am so much more than royal
By: nicolai maksimov
everywhere else
perhaps new york state is just too confining, and there's a desire to go elsewhere in the united states? from california to hawaii to alaska to florida, this board will cover all of those needs.
1 2 Jul 12 2016, 01:00 AM
By: cassiopeia sawyer

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
around the world
outside of the united states, there is a huge world out there to explore, just waiting for you to discover it. from the rich history of europe to the beautiful island getaways, there is plenty to see and do.
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In: ----
time travel
any future or past threads that are outside the current floods timeline can be posted here.
Subforums: black out days

16 50 Today at 11:26 am
In: 🌔got me hoping you'll sa...
By: tavish mackenna

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Subforums: old absences

70 111 Sep 20 2016, 05:46 PM
In: 🌔#sorrynotsorry
By: emily
out of character
anything non-character related can be posted in here. this includes (but not limited to): graphic/coding galleries (nothing extravagant please), member discussions, and anything else you can think of. all we ask is that you are courteous to other members, and should any problems arise, please contact a staff member. if you are unsure of what can be posted here, please pm a member of staff for assistance.
5 20 Sep 22 2016, 11:33 PM
In: 🌔shit said in the cbox
By: elizabeth larrabee
in this forum, you can have a little bit of fun with your characters. most games found here are in-character games, but the occasional out of character game can be found (it will be marked as such). have a game in mind? feel free to set one up or pm a member of staff with any ideas.
9 169 Sep 24 2016, 06:09 PM
In: 🌔texts from last night
By: vera rose

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
all advertisements should be posted in here, and we stress that you post in the correct sub forum. please be sure to check to see if you've posted back on our site before, although we allow you to bump your advertisements once every three days! if you do not respect these simple rules, we will archive you advertisement. this board is guest friendly.
Subforums: first link, link back, accepted ads

366 18 Today at 06:50 am
any old and/or dead threads, shippers, and various other threads will be found here in the archives. if you require something from this forum, please post in the moderation forum or pm a member of staff for assistance.
Subforums: shippers, threads, misc, advertisements

809 3103 58 minutes ago
In: 🌔platonic observations [m]
By: alistair macleod

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